October 9th Events

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October 9th, 2006 (October 09 2006)EventNorth Korea allegedly tests its first nuclear device.
October 9th, 2001 (October 09 2001)EventSecond mailing of anthrax letters from Trenton, New Jersey in the 2001 anthrax attack.
October 9th, 1999 (October 09 1999)EventThe last flight of the SR-71.
October 9th, 1995 (October 09 1995)EventAn Amtrak Sunset Limited train is derailed by saboteurs near Palo Verde, Arizona.
October 9th, 1992 (October 09 1992)EventA 13 kilogram (est.) meteorite lands in the driveway of the Knapp residence in Peekskill, New York, destroying the family s 1980 Chevrolet Malibu
October 9th, 1991 (October 09 1991)EventEcuador becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
October 9th, 1989 (October 09 1989)EventAn official news agency in the Soviet Union reports the landing of a UFO in Voronezh.
October 9th, 1989 (October 09 1989)EventIn Leipzig, East Germany, 70,000 protesters demand the legalisation of opposition groups and democratic reforms.
October 9th, 1986 (October 09 1986)EventThe musical The Phantom of the Opera has its first performance at Her Majesty s Theatre in London.
October 9th, 1983 (October 09 1983)EventRangoon bombing: attempted assassination of South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan during an official visit to Rangoon, Burma. Chun survives but the blast kills 17 of his entourage, including four cabinet ministers, and 17 others were injuredied in Four Burmese officials also die in the blast.
October 9th, 1981 (October 09 1981)EventAbolition of capital punishment in France.
October 9th, 1970 (October 09 1970)EventThe Khmer Republic is proclaimed in Cambodia.
October 9th, 1969 (October 09 1969)EventIn Chicago, the United States National Guard is called in for crowd control as demonstrations continue in connection with the trial of the "Chicago Eight" (trial started on September 24).
October 9th, 1967 (October 09 1967)EventA day after being caught, Che Guevara is executed for attempting to incite a revolution in Bolivia.
October 9th, 1963 (October 09 1963)EventIn northeast Italy, over 2,000 people are killed when a large landslide behind the Vajont Dam causes a giant wave of water to overtop it.
October 9th, 1962 (October 09 1962)EventUganda becomes an independent Commonwealth realm.
October 9th, 1945 (October 09 1945)EventParade in NYC for Fleet Admiral Nimitz and 13 USN/USMC Medal of Honor recipients
October 9th, 1942 (October 09 1942)EventStatute of Westminster 1931 formalises Australian autonomy.
October 9th, 1942 (October 09 1942)EventThe last day of the October Matanikau action on Guadalcanal as United States Marine Corps forces withdraw back across the Matanikau River after destroying most of the Imperial Japanese Army s 4th Infantry Regiment.
October 9th, 1941 (October 09 1941)EventA coup in Panama declares Ricardo Adolfo de la Guardia Arango the new president.
October 9th, 1940 (October 09 1940)EventWorld War II: Battle of BritainDuring a nighttime air raid by the German Luftwaffe, St. Paul s Cathedral in the City of London, England is hit by a bomb.
October 9th, 1936 (October 09 1936)EventGenerators at Boulder Dam (later renamed to Hoover Dam) begin to generate electricity from the Colorado River and transmit it 266 miles to Los Angeles, California.
October 9th, 1934 (October 09 1934)EventRegicide at Marseille: The assassination of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia and Louis Barthou, Foreign Minister of France.
October 9th, 1919 (October 09 1919)EventBlack Sox scandal: The Cincinnati Reds "win" the World Series.
October 9th, 1914 (October 09 1914)EventWorld War I: Siege of AntwerpAntwerp, Belgium falls to German troops.
October 9th, 1888 (October 09 1888)EventThe Washington Monument officially opens to the general public.
October 9th, 1874 (October 09 1874)EventGeneral Postal Union is created as a result of the Treaty of Berne.
October 9th, 1871 (October 09 1871)EventThe Great Chicago Fire is brought under control.
October 9th, 1864 (October 09 1864)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of Tom s BrookUnion cavalrymen in the Shenandoah Valley defeat Confederate forces at Tom s Brook, Virginia.
October 9th, 1861 (October 09 1861)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of Santa Rosa IslandUnion troops repel Confederate attempt to capture Fort Pickens.
October 9th, 1854 (October 09 1854)EventBeginning of the siege of Sebastopol.
October 9th, 1845 (October 09 1845)EventThe eminent and controversial Anglican, John Henry Newman, is received into the Roman Catholic Church.
October 9th, 1837 (October 09 1837)EventMeeting at the U.S. Naval Academy establishes the U.S. Naval Institute.
October 9th, 1835 (October 09 1835)EventRoyal College, Colombo established with the name Hillstreet Academy in Sri Lanka.
October 9th, 1831 (October 09 1831)EventCapo d Istria is assassinated.
October 9th, 1824 (October 09 1824)EventSlavery is abolished in Costa Rica.
October 9th, 1820 (October 09 1820)EventGuayaquil declares independence from Spain.
October 9th, 1812 (October 09 1812)EventWar of 1812: In a naval engagement on Lake Erie, American forces capture two British ships: HMS Detroit and HMS Caledonia.
October 9th, 1806 (October 09 1806)EventPrussia declares war on France.
October 9th, 1804 (October 09 1804)EventHobart, capital of Tasmania, is founded.
October 9th, 1799 (October 09 1799)EventSinking of HMS Lutine, with the loss of 240 men and a cargo worth ?1,200,000.
October 9th, 1776 (October 09 1776)EventFather Francisco Palou founds Mission San Francisco de Asis in what is now San Francisco, California.
October 9th, 1771 (October 09 1771)EventThe Dutch merchant ship Vrouw Maria sinks near the coast of Finland.
October 9th, 1760 (October 09 1760)Event7 Year s War: Russian forces occupy Berlin.
October 9th, 1701 (October 09 1701)EventThe Collegiate School of Connecticut (later renamed Yale University) is chartered in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.
October 9th, 1635 (October 09 1635)EventFounder of Rhode Island Roger Williams is banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony as a religious dissident after he speaks out against punishments for religious offenses and giving away Native American land.Roger Williams Quotes
October 9th, 1604 (October 09 1604)EventSupernova 1604, the most recent supernova to be observed in the Milky Way.
October 9th, 1595 (October 09 1595)EventThe Spanish army captures Cambrai.
October 9th, 1582 (October 09 1582)EventBecause of the implementation of the Gregorian calendar this day does not exist in this year in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain.
October 9th, 1558 (October 09 1558)EventMerida is founded in Venezuela.
October 9th, 1514 (October 09 1514)EventMarriage of Louis XII of France and Mary Tudor.
October 9th, 1446 (October 09 1446)EventThe hangul alphabet is published in Korea.
October 9th, 1238 (October 09 1238)EventJames I of Aragon conquers Valencia and founds the Kingdom of Valencia.
October 9th, 1003 (October 09 1003)EventLeif Erikson landed in L Anse aux Meadows, Canada. Became the first European to reach America.
October 9th, 0768 (October 09 0768)EventCarloman I and Charlemagne are crowned Kings of The Franks. Charlemagne Quotes

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